V is for virgin

Me and my arm candy saw the "40-Year-Old Virgin" this weekend and it was awesome. I still think "Wedding Crashers" was better but that is just because I am having a love affair with Vince Vaughn right now. So for those of you keeping score at home, it goes "Batman Begins," "Wedding Crashers," and "40-Year-Old Virgin."

Anyway I won't ruin it for the virgin "Virgins" out there but the chest waxing scene is piss your pantolones funny. I waxed my chest one, and I am no Teen Wolf like Steve Carrell, and it hurt like hell. I felt the pain all the way down to my balls. It actually feels like your chest is being ripped open. I only did it once and I will never, ever do it again.
There is also a great moment with Paul Ruud's character and a video camera and they also integrated a masterbation scene with Lionel Richie's "Hello." You can't go wrong with the L train.

On a more depressing note, "Six Feet Under" ended its run last night. It was a really great episode and gave the fans all the closure they needed. I did not like the way they had Keith die but other than that it was pretty darn good.

And I saw the previews for a new season of "Growing up Gotti," and just watching the 30-second promo makes me want to throw up a little bit inside my mouth. This is another sign of the crumbling society that is Western civilization. I have more taste in my penis.


  1. I'm going to have to see 40-yr Virgin. I thought I was a late bloomer- I was almost 18 when I lost mine. I (and my girlfriend in Miami) at the time, thought we would wait until we got married, but then figured we were doing "everything but" so went ahead and did the but as well one night. Funny thing was I had another girlfriend in Central Florida where I lived and we weren't doing it either. But once the ball got rolling, it accelerated pretty quickly, Within 2 weeks I alread had 2 notches on my bedpost. Within a month, 4. Too bad the trend didn't continue, I could use some action right now(think I'll download "Hello" right now)

    But good thing I didn't wait, I'd be the 36 yr old virgin...

  2. When it first came on the air, SFU was one of the best shows on TV. As the episodes came and went, the show lost a lot of its edge and creativity. It peaked early but the last year was rewarding.


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