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I really like this show on F/X called "Starved." The subject is quite dark and offensive to some since it is a comedy about people with eating disorders, but it is funny. It reminds me of "Seinfeld" but the characters have eating disorders. Sounds hilarious doesn't it? Well it actually is quite amusing and I know that many people are afflicted with this ailment and are disgusted by the show but I think they need to untwisted their panties and relax. It is a social commentary on our society. We are so obsessed with our body images, thanks in a large part to the media, that some people go to extreme measures to achieve the look that they think society will approve of. Everyone is so sensitive and politically correct and I am growing wearing of it.
Which leads me to another point, the NCAA and the banning of offensive mascots like the Illini, Seminoles, Utes, etc. Go fuck yourself and do something important, Mr. NCAA. Why don't you try to improve the graduation rates or get rid of the BCS bowl system? It just makes no sense to me that organizations like the NCAA can actually do some good for the student-athletes like helping more of them graduate but they would rather further alienate themselves from the mainstream public with this horse shit. I just think Native Americans have bigger problems to worry about than colleges using them as mascots. I do believe that a majority of the schools actually have permission from the tribes to use the names. If it is offensive to these cultures then give them a percentage of the merchandising revenue so the Native Americans can make their lives better.
What else do I have? Oh yeah great news, P. Diddy will now just go by Diddy. Hey Diddy, you should be getting a memo from America soon that says blow me.
Get those junk mail bastards back. Send them some garbage.
I really need to end this on a positive note, I am spewing a lot of hatred today.
Ummm, let's see, college football and the NFL are back baby. Woo-hoo. Go Cardinals. Yep, that's right I am a fan of the Arizona Cardinals. The last time they were any good was on my PS2, but rumors out of the desert are that they are looking pretty shit hot. I watched their first preseason game and I liked what I saw especially from the defense.
Good times and I will leave you with this terrible pickup line, "You must be wearing space pants because your ass looks out of this world."


  1. "Starved" is a awesome show, along with "Its always sunny in Philadelphia". Just passing through, I'm liking the blog by the way.

  2. I will take your word on it regarding your buttocks.

  3. the ncaa is an organization which probably served some sort of purpose when it was founded 100 years ago,but now is an organization trying to hold onto it's power. and they aren't even consistent with their ban. aside from the obvious "fighting irish" etc. they didn't ban the san diego state aztecs. i guess it's ok to use what the ncaa calls "offensive" nicknames as long as they aren't within our borders.

    but actually, most native americans i've met are proud to have teams use their identities- it's only the wanna-bes like ward churchill who are ultra sensitive. most of the ones i've talked to don't even mind(or actually prefer) american indian as opposed to native american.


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