More rants and raves

Some more thoughts from this space between my ears.

I had a company outing on Wednesday where we played golf. I have never really liked golf and the whole experience did nothing to change my views. It is not like I am terrible at golf because I am not. I am a pretty athletic guy and I know I would be decent at golf if I invested the time but I just don't care. I would rather suck the white filling out of twinkies in a porta potty at an 'N Sync concert but that is just me.

Have you been so drunk that you slurred your thoughts?

I am really enjoying these new shows on F/X, "Over There" and "Starved." "Over There" is about the war in Iraq and it is a little tough to watch sometimes but it is a pretty good drama. "Starved" on the other hand is wickedly funny. The episode last night spent the first few minutes talking about sex and fingers in your butt and it was some of the funniest dialogue I have heard in awhile.

I can't wait to see "The 40-year-old Virgin" next Friday.

I don't agree with Terrell Owens and his contract dispute. He signed his contract so he should play. But last night he mentioned how he played in the Super Bowl and he signed a waiver that if he got injured he wouldn't sue anyone, and if he did get hurt the Eagles would have probably cut him because his career would be over. It is a valid point by T.O. and I think the Eagles could maybe give him some love for that like a nice bonus, but don't be a punk just because you are unhappy with your contract.

The flux capacitor is now for sale.

I have never heard of this but it looks quite interesting.

Beware of the Prom Ninja.

Peace out blog nation and have yourself a great weekend.