Monday's musings

It's summer time so naturally it is hot outside especially when you live in the desert like we do in Boise. So I got that going for me on Monday, it's hot outside. Our dress code at work is business professional so I have to wear khakis, dress pants, etc. and a button-up shirt. So to recap it is hot outside because Boise's founding fathers decided the desert is a great place to live and I have to wear clothes that are not summer-friendly and generally don't hold up well when small animals are bursting into flames outside. Continuing onward with my "I Love Monday" speech, my office is doubling as a sauna as my c0-workers and myself are marinating in our own juices at an uncomfortable 83 degrees. If I was a turkey my little built-in thermometer would have popped out by now. This bird is done, come and get it. The AC appearantly is taking a long weekend and is not coming back to work until tomorrow. We are on the second floor and the windows do not open. I really love it when I stick to my desk and I have sweat running down the crack of my ass. That's a pretty picture isn't it? To help alleviate this problem we have 7 little fans running trying to cool us down but it feels more like I am on an airport runway preparing to board a puddle jumper.
So in summary it is very warm outside and if I had a choice I would be wearing shorts and my flip flops to better blend in to my environment but I am at work so I have to wear my fancy pants which is normally fine but today it kind of blows because my office has no AC and a rat who just got busy with another rat in a wool sock had to cancel his visit to our office because he said it was way too hot.
I am going mad, the heat is getting to me.


  1. Thanks for the love Darius. And yes it sounds like your situation is a litte rougher than mine.


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