By the beard of Zeus!

Appearantly there are no fans of Ron Burgundy out there. And if you read this and you are not a fan of Ron Burgundy, then you can go ahead and buy it or rent the DVD today.

So I decided to build a deck this weekend. First of all I am not a carpenter or I have I played one on TV, but I figured what the heck and gave it a shot. So I did it and it is by no means the world's greatest deck. It is not even the best deck at my house as the previous owners built a few and knew what they were doing. Anyway I asked my friend who is more skilled in these matters for his help and he told me what to do. So I buy my supplies and start building. Well it turns out that I got things backwards. Those of you with building experience may laugh and those without can use this as advice. I guess you build the frame with pressure-treated wood and then use untreated wood for the deck. Well I built the frame with the untreated wood and used the pressure-treated wood for the top of the deck. So since pressure treated is more expensive than regular lumber I doubled my costs and the thing is going to rot in about 2-3 years. Awesome.

I will not be hosting a home improvement show anytime soon.