Another reason to dislike Dr. Phil

I chose dislike because hate is such a strong word. Pretty swamped today so I have to keep this short and sweet, but just in case you needed more arguments for your case against the demise of Dr. Phil.
Dr. Phil's son engaged to Playboy triplet. And here is a photo of the triplets. I don't know which one is which, but they are triplets so it really doesn't matter.
I bet he is at home practicing his "I thought it was you" line.


  1. I really can't stand dr. phil either. has anyone ever become that famous for being such a nobody ?

    Maybe I can find some celebrity, become their expert on something, and then have my own TV show and write books as if I am an authority on everything.

  2. It's his accent that gets to me. And I live in the south.

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  4. We might have to start an anti-Dr. Phil club.

  5. I never paid attention to the guy. Now I'm seeing it was all for the best...

    FYI - you've been linked!!! :)


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