Wish list part 2

  1. When you enter a building your very own theme music plays.
  2. People who abuse animals get deported to New Guinea and must live with a tribe of cannibals for 60 days.
  3. Steak-n-Shake opens a restaurant in Boise.
  4. Christopher Walken becomes our next president.
  5. A sequel for "Old School."
  6. Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme have a PPV death match.
  7. Telemarketers learn that no means no and not please continue with your sales pitch.
  8. Girls understand that exposing your midriff is a privilege not a right.
  9. People discover the joy of "Cheap Seats" on ESPN Classic.
  10. Americans learn that Dr. Phil enjoys sex with farm animals and drinking his own urine.


  1. 1. Bill gates already does this. It's really cool.

    2. Amen

    3. Change last word to San Diego.

    4. Not my first choice. but it WOULD mix t hings up a bit.

    5. hmmmm.

    6. Tie. is all I got to say on that one.

    7. Telemarketers already have a special place in hell so I'm not worried about it.

    8. Double, no TRIPLE Amen!

    9. wouldn't know what your talking about really

    10. That's just disturbing.

  2. "Cheap Seats" is a show on ESPN Classic. It's alot like Mystery Science Theater 3000 if you know what that is.
    I just think Dr. Phil is disturbing.

  3. Ah gotcha.

    Dr. Phil has AWLAYS been disturbing.


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