Sports wish list

  1. Duke sucks -- I guess I have to clarify it to Duke basketball since they are pretty shitty in everything else.
  2. Cubs suck -- This isn't much of a wish since it is usually reality.
  3. Yankees suck gopher balls and George Steinbrenner fires the whole team.
  4. Barry Bonds quietly retires and we never hear another word about him.
  5. The Arizona Cardinals perform like they do on my PlayStation 2 or in "Jerry Maguire."
  6. Baseball adopts a tougher drug policy and does something about revenue sharing.
  7. If an athlete signs a contract and then holds out a few years later because he wants a better contract he is kicked out of the league. You and your agent signed the damn contract so deal with it.
  8. TV announcers wear shock collars so everytime they say something stupid select members of the viewing audience can give them a nice pick me up.
  9. Less golf and more football on TV.
  10. The NHL becomes popular.


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