From the beginning I have stated that I am not a fan of "Entourage," an HBO show about a young movie star and his boys. But last night I watched it and actually giggled out loud a few times. Maybe the show has finally won me over or I was just in a really good mood, but for whatever reason I can now say that I don't mind that show anymore. I am not a groupie and ready to toss my panties on the stage but I am willing to be a causal fan.
So that is the best I have to offer on a Monday afternoon .... pretty fucking pathetic. All it seemed like I did this weekend was catch up on my sleep so I have nothing exciting to report. But I did hear some wonderful advice, never play leapfrog with a unicorn. I also think Viagra needs a new tagline and I vote for it is harder than Chinese arithmetic.


  1. Anonymous7/12/2005

    Good thing Entourage is a scripted show then and neither of the things that you said...

  2. Mike, I feel your pain. I got out in 2003 and I never looked back.

  3. We have a new visitor and he has a lot of lady friends. Thanks for the input phantom.


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