New assbag on TV

OK, I must first admit that I watch this reality show on Bravo called "Blow Out." I find it strangely addicting and entertaining. Anyway I switch on the TV about 10 minutes before it is supposed to be on and there is this giant douche bag on making me want to throw the television out the window. I do know one thing and I don't want to be Bobby Brown. This new show "Being Bobby Brown" was a bunch of garbage and you can tell that Mr. Asshat and his wife, Whitney Houston, between doing blows of coke and slapping each other stupider are just acting it up in front of the camera. I know it is human nature to act a little crazier in front of the camera but these two are just going overboard. Whitney looks like shit, she definitely could use a couple of sammies, and Bobby just leave my TV alone -- it is my prerogrative.


  1. I hate reality TV, but I will be honest and admit to you and I have seen a couple of episodes of blow out, actually I have seen one particular episode twice because that hair washing gay guy is hilarious.


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