My wish list

  1. The media decides to ignore celebrities.
  2. Oprah reveals that she is actually a redneck lesbian.
  3. The Cardinals win the World Series.
  4. My fat basset doesn't get any fatter.
  5. Someone invents a robot that eats stupid people.
  6. Short, white dudes become the craze of 2006.
  7. Terrorists become born-again Christians and begin a crusade to rid the world of Paris Hilton.
  8. Everyone gets drunk at the same time.
  9. People quit moving to Boise.
  10. People discover that "Arrested Development" is one of the funniest shows ever.


  1. That is one awesome wish list.

    Here area few minor changes I would make to personalize it to my wish list.

    3. I would have to change the Cardinals to the Brewers.

    6. Short white guys to Tall goofy looking white guys.

    9. People from Chicago, IL can't leave that area. For any reason.

    10. The world realizes that Paris Hilton has proven that you don't have to be poor to be white trash.

  2. Ahhh Mike come on and give the show a chance. It is quite funny.

  3. Hmmm. Wonder if Ducatimike is a Marine? Get away from the base and live a little.

    Great job of indicating your views on Mr.Shife's list. But lacking a little bit of creativity in the positive comments department. This is suppose to be entertaining.

    Like Mr.Shife said give the show a chance. It begins to grow on you.


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