Informal poll

For some odd reason I was thinking of different names for taking a shit and which was one my favorite. It is amazing what gets caught in the brain headlights when you are in the car for 7 hours. Anyway, you have poop, crap, dump, doo doo, shit, dook or duke ( I prefer the duke spelling because Duke sucks), pinch a loaf, William Shatner, #2, doodie, brownstone, turd, dropping off the kids at the pool, lay cable, blowin mud, magnus dumpus, bust ass, a movement, deficate, eliminate, etc. I always will love William Shatner but I think my personal favorite is taking a dump because it evokes such strong imagery and sounds so like you are going in there to do some serious business.
Feel free to add your own personal favorites and let me know if I missed some poop terminology that is floating out there.


  1. Poking turtle head, Hershey squirts, “I gotta go take a (use someone’s name)”, taking a shiznit, crappernating.

  2. i forgot, battleshits.


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