Unbeknowst to me I have slowly developed quite the soda habit over the years, and the more and more I read about the shit they put in diet soda I get kind of freaked out. So I have been soda free now for about 41 hours and I have just hit a wall. I am not craving a pop but I just feel really tired and lethargic like I need a jolt of some mother fucking CAFFEINE. Ahhh I feel better now, but just to set the record striaght I am not giving up the carbonated devil for good I am just cutting back extensively to like 2 or 3 a week. That still may sound like a lot but that is probably what I was drinking a day.
This getting old and responsible bull shit sucks ......


  1. great blog. Just remember what ghandi told the English when they told him he couldnt drink his own urine : " Faq Q mada fucker."

    Go ahead and have a nice crispy sodah.

  2. Anonymous6/29/2005

    I didn't realize Ghandi was such a potty mouth. Learn something new everyday.


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