Where's the beef??

So I have given up fast food and diet soda this week and I feel pretty good about it so far. I had a minor caffeine withdrawal earlier this week but I am doing OK now. It may all be in my head but I do feel better mentally now that I haven't had any aspartame since Sunday. As for as fast food I have just decided all of that slop they serve us is not doing me any good so why not give it up. I swear whenever I would eat a burger or some shit from a fast-food place I would get some rancid gas about 30 minutes later but I have been smelling pretty sweet all week so maybe my insides are happy with me.
Maybe I am having my mid-life crisis but whatever the case might be I think I will enjoy life a lot more without those chemicals inside me. As long as they don't touch my beer I think I can be happy.


  1. Now that you are eating better are you working out too?

  2. Yes, I have always been into working out so fitness has never been a problem. I have always had a high metabolism so I can shovel anything into my body, but now I am learning that stuff I have been processing isn't so hot.

  3. saweet move dude...I've been doing the same thing...cept I had pizza last night.

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