TV update

I have started watching "Cheap Seats" on ESPN Classic and it is frickin hilarious. The twins that host the show are awesome and some of their obscure references make me giggle. If you get a chance watch it because it is definitely worth the investment. I also watched the premiere of "30 Days" last night. The guy who did "Super Size Me" is doing a show on FX where he tries something for yep, you guessed it, 30 days. You are so smart.
On this episode, he decided to see if he could make it on minimum wage so him and his girlfriend both got menial jobs and tried to make it. It is an eye opening experience especially when you see where they can afford to live and what they have to do if they need medical attention. The ER charged him $40 for an ACE bandage that you can get at Wal-Mart for $5. It was ridiculous. They also showed how minimum wage hasn't been raised in 8 years but of course the cost of living continues to increase. But the lawmakers who continue to vote against raising the minimum wage have increased their salary by $27,000 during the same time frame. What a country.