Pee-pee pants

My place of emplyoment requires that I dress business professional. So for the most part I have to look respectable and have to leave the "Hang out with your wang out" t-shirt at home. And occasionally at work I have to take a piss and so I go to the bathroom and take care of business. After my business transaction I proceed to the counter to wash my hands. More often than not there is huge pile of water all over the counter and so when brush up against the counter I get water marks all over my pants. So it looks like pecker tracks or like I pissed myself. We only have hand towels in the pisser so I have to grab a towel and start cleaning up the mess. I look like a perv when some dude walks in and I am going to town on my pants trying to dry up the spill. And if I get too carried away then somebody wakes up and that is a whole different problem.
They need to invent some sort of guard that can run along these counters so you don't look like you pissed all over your self. I imagine something like a hockey rink where they have the glass all around the rink. I don't know it is just my completely random thought of the day.