Mindless entertainment

I was watching something last night and some dude said "I don't give a rat's ass." The phrase, which I have heard a 1000 times, sparked some curiousity in me and I wanted to know who the rocket scientist was that came up with it. And, drum roll please, here is your answer.

In 15th century Europe there was a horse trader and breeder by the name of Erik Ratt. He was one of the first documented breeders of donkeys and apparently his animals were large and hard working to a degree unrivaled even to this day. Because of the reknown he gained at the time, many of the kings of the day bought his donkeys as gifts to show their wealth and power to allies. King Edward the IV was said to give a Ratt's Ass to Queen Isabel of Spain to win her heart. King Fernando was so enraged by this act that he commanded his men bring him the head of Erik Ratt on a pike. Ratt died and his head was presented to Isabel. With Ratt died the secrets to his breeding techniques and Ratt's asses have never been given since.
Thus the phrase I couldn't give a Ratt's ass was born.

See you can actually learn something by visiting my blog besides the fact that I am douche bag.