Well I have decided this is my last year of eligibility for the NBA. I have made myself eligible for the last 16 years and I haven't even received a whiff from those bastards. I can see why scouts have not taken a liking to me ... I mean I am short, white and from Idaho. But I have moxie and that can carry you pretty far and I also look pretty good in warm-ups so and I can clap real good so when I am warming the bench I will look fashionable as I cheer on my teammates. I can be the white version of Spud Webb minus the dunking and overall athletic ability. I will be an inspiration to all the short, white dudes out there because we need a role model. I mean who do we have to look up to. Well I guess everybody since we are short white dudes. And since I do suck a lot I can be signed for real cheap and that allows the team to use the money to sign some real ballers. Give me a call you cocksuckers, my hat size is 7 1/4.