A perfect ending to a crappy day

Yesterday was a bad day. The wife and I are still trying to pay off our taxes. So I wrote her a check to pay the bill but I didn't expect her to cash until Friday. I had everything worked out so we would skate by until I get paid. So I am thinking I am ahead and then we get hit with a $500 doctor bill because Sarah has no vision coverage on her health insurance. Well that sucks but we should be OK because I get paid tomorrow. But Sarah went ahead and cashed the check I wrote her because she thought it was OK, which it was until her eye examination, but now we are in danger of bouncing a check. So we get home and argue about it for awhile and we are both mad at each other. Then as I am laying in bed I went to fart but I sharted instead. So I ended the day by shitting my pants. Awesome.