Quincy and the Super Bowl

The day after the Super Bowl is a day most people spend slowly recovering from the excess drinking and gorging at parties throughout the land. But for me it is a special day because the day after the Super Bowl 5 years ago I adopted Quincy. Sarah and I found him at the Canyon Counter Humane Society in Nampa and it was love at first sight. He was a pathetic looking dog, weighing only about 30 pounds and he couldn't get around much because he had the hershey squirts. He was also a little skittish because of the barking and just laid on his pillow looking very sad. We coerced him into taking a walk outside and while he was running around with Sarah our cell phone fell out of her coat and shattered into pieces. So Mr. Quincy, our future dog, already cost us $75 and we didn't even own him yet. We met him on Saturday, adopted him on Monday and have loved him every day since.