Quincy and his Greenies

Quincy has a new passion right now. He loves these things called Greenies. I just started buying them for him about a month ago, and the dog goes absolutely ape shit when I give him one. Quincy's other passion is human food, but I could be wearing pork chop underwear and a cheese suit and he wouldn't give me the time of day if he had a Greenie.



  1. OH, you have to quit giving those to him, they get wet and can turn to concrete in their throat. My fathers dog nearly died b/c of a greenie. It got stuck in his throat hard as a rock and he would drink water and it would just pour out of his mouth. Their vet said he had 28 cases of dogs who died from them. They sued the company and won and they now have a very vague warning on the label about them. I know dogs love them, but they are really dangerous!! You can find info on the internet about it.
    I like your blog by the way!
    tell everyone about greenies!

  2. Thanks for the info, Julie. I will definitely look into it because I don't want to lose my pooch.

  3. My stepmother actually has information sheets and goes to pet stores and hangs them up in front of the display of 'greenies' every few weeks. I've asked them to send me one, I need to post it on my blog anyway, b/c those things are dangerous. What upsets me so is that they are promoted as being so very healthy, but have such risk potential. Your little guy is adoreable!! Where I used to live there was a bassett in the neighborhood we used to go by and see on our walks and he was in love w/ my dog, Lucy. He was so sweet and when he was a puppy he couldn't have been any cuter! I love their bark too.


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