Dentist recap

Well, poor Quincy had to spend 12 hours at the vet yesterday waiting to get his teeth cleaned. They had a couple of emergencies during the day so the fat basset moved down on the food chain. He only weighs 52.7 pounds so he is losing some of his plumpness. Just 3 more pounds to go until he is calendar model ready.
I got Quincy home about 7:30 and the vet said he shouldn't have anything to eat or drink until 9. Well the poor guy had gone without both for 20 hours so he wasn't pretty thirsty and hungry. I put away his dishes when we got home and got a sad look from the big fella. I felt bad but I was determined to follow the vet's instructions. As I was putting clothes away in the bedroom the plump one was nowhere to be found. I gave him a shout out but still nothing. Then I could hear in the distance the sound of water being lapped up at a furious pace. I rushed out only to find my beloved dog's head buried in porcelain enjoying the smooth, refreshing toilet water. Quincy never, ever drinks out the toilet so I knew he was parched, so I said to hell with the instructions and gave him his water and food.